Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9, which was released Monday, was downloaded 2.35 million times in the first 24 hours it was available, according to Microsoft. The beta version of this iteration of the browser was downloaded only 1 million times during the first day of its availability.
For the final version of IE 9, that’s almost 98,000 downloads per hour, or 27 downloads per second, however you want to look at it.
“We want to thank everyone around the world for downloading IE9 and the enthusiastic reception,” Ryan Gavin, Microsoft’s senior director of Internet Explorer, wrote on the IE blog.
Compared to other browsers though, IE 9′s numbers aren’t quite as impressive. In a few hours after becoming available, Firefox 3.5 saw more than 1 million downloads in 2009. And by the end of its first 24 hours the year before, Firefox 3.0 had been downloaded 8 million times.
The updated Internet Explorer includes HTML5, an improved UI and a built-in do-not-track function. It’s available for download at
IE 9 will soon face more competition from Firefox, which is set to release the final version of Firefox 4 on March 22.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Om Beach Expedition

When we first thought of Om beach, we thought it would be great like all other beaches with waves of fury and lots of sand. But when we went there it was completely different.....

We started from Shivamogga, distance is 220 km,we started at 1 30pm, we took the NH 206 and the NH 17 route. While we were driving and crossing the Arolli ghat section we found many small water streams flowing from the hills. We stopped at one of them and got refreshed, filled up our water bottles. The water was pure chilly and better than any other mineral water bottles.

Then continued journey towards Gokarna, took a right at Honnavar on NH 17 went straight ahead to Gokarna, and then took a right towards Om beach before reaching Gokarna. It was about Sunset time but before reaching Om beach, we reached a view point of Kudle beach from which we could see sun almost setting, but there was still about 20 to 25 minutes for the sun to set, so we just got a glimpse and started to Om beach. Here is our glimpse,

After reaching Om beach, we had booked two rooms in Namaste cafe, before settling down in our rooms we went to the beach to watch the sun set, but it was slightly cloudy, but still it was good. 

After watching sunset, we settled down in our rooms, had food in the cafe and stared to walk around. we expected moonlight to be there, but it was not there since moon rose up at 1 00am. It was not much chilly not much warm the weather was perfect. You neither need a sweater nor a fan. Finally went to sleep. We had planned to get up early in the morning to walk in moonlight. But unfortunately we got up a little late and we started a small trek to the Kudle beach which we had seen earlier, but by not knowing the exact way we couldn't reach the beach. But we caught the sight of a very good sunrise.Here it is,
We got down into water, water was warm and good, not much saline, because a river named Aganashini joins the ocean somewhere nearby. After this we got up from the water and went to Gokarna to visit the temples there, but it was very unclean, very crowded, nobody obeyed the traffic rules. It was not good at all. Finally strained after this we came back to our cottages and slept off till about 2 00pm after this we wanted to play more in Om beach so we started playing in water.

Then i got buried under the sand .!


There were boating and water sports facilities, so I went to go on the Bumper ride. It was awesome, amazing, fantastic. You will be seated on a tube like structure. Same will be done with the other person these two tubes will be tied to the motor boat with the help of ropes, then they go in a very high speed vrooom..!!! You know that the propeller of the boat causes waves. we ride on those waves which in turn causes bumps. Sometimes you fall off. But you will be having the life jacket on. Don't worry. It is full of fun. 

Then we went for a big boating ride, exactly at the time of sunset. We saw the sunset from the boat in the middle of the ocean. It was cool, That boat guy showed us two more beaches, namely,  Paradise beach, and Half-moon beach. Both of them are good, isolated, remote. There will not be much people. So, we are planning to go to those beaches next time. Then had some food that night, I wanted a camp fire from the starting, so i went for collecting wood in the darkness of the night, luckily found the firewood very easily. We were a group of only three people. But i wanted more people, when i started the fire automatically people joined. It was full of fun.


After getting warmed up with the camp fire, we went to sleep. Had a nice sleep in the cottage. After that, next day we got early in the morning at about  5'o clock. There was the beautiful moonlight.It was really good. To see the Om beach there is a small hill, you have to climb it up to reach the view point. Climbed it up, in the moonlight itself, but missed the route and again got back to the route. Waited for the sun to rise, at that time only I saw beautiful waves large ones, coming one after another in a gorge so we all went down to that gorge. Then experienced the waves of fury. But at the same time missed the sun-rise. Still it was great fun. This was the gorge, 
After that we started off from Om beach at about 8'o clock. 

Finally what i want to say is that, what we had expected was not there, but the unexpected was really great. Fantastic experience. You can do everything here, this is an all-rounder.This was simply the best.
Thats why I say don't expect anything, just go there and enjoy whatever is there, in this way your every work will be best.
One tip for those who want to stay there. It is best to just go put tents on the beach and sleep. If you want privacy then you can put tents on the Half-moon beach, Paradise beach etc. It will be cheaper and better that way. But even if you want to stay inside a room, then Namaste cafe is good. But just keep walking on the
beach and you will find lots of cottages, find the one which suits you the best and stay.